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Applicable Billing Plans

Subscription Type Billing Plan

Kake-hodai Plan (Smartphone/Tablet)

Kake-hodai Plan (Smartphone/Tablet) [iPhone]

Kake-hodai Plan (SIM Free)

Kake-hodai Light Plan

Kake-hodai Light Plan [iPhone]

Type Xi

Type Xi Plan Ninen

Type Xi Plan Ninen (Over 10-year Subscription)


Kake-hodai Plan (Smartphone/Tablet)

Kake-hodai Plan (Feature Phone)

Type SS Value

Type S Value

Type M Value

Type L Value

Type LL Value

Type Limit Value

Family Wide Value

Type Business Value

Type SS

Type S

Type M

Type L

Type LL

Type Limit

Type Simple

Type Business

FOMA Plan 39

FOMA Plan 49

FOMA Plan 67

FOMA Plan 100

Family Wide

Family Wide Value

Family Wide Limit

Family Wide Limit Value

Limit Plus

Business Plan

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