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Conditions of Use

DOCOMO subscriber
Receiving Currency Remittances can be made in the local currency or in U.S. dollars. The currencies in which remittance can be made depend on the affiliated beneficiary financial institution.
Maximum Remittance Amount(including transaction fee)*1

¥500,000 per month ¥450,000 per day

*Please note that some beneficiary financial institutions set a lower remittance limit than that shown above. For details, please refer to Destination Countries / Banks & Remittance Limits.

* The maximum amount a recipient can receive within 30-day period is USD10,000.
(No matter remittance is sent by several senders, the maximum amout a recipient can receive within 30-day period remain USD10,000)

Minimum Remittance Amount (including transaction fee) ¥3000
Currency Exchange Rate Exchange rate of ¥1 against USD: Based on the FX rate published by Mizuho (TTM) at 10 a.m. on the day of the transaction request, a 1.5% commission fee will be added and will apply as the exchange rate (If the date of transaction is not a business day, the rate of the most recent business day shall be applied). Exchange rate of ¥1 against local currency of beneficiary country: Based on the JPY-USD FX rate above and the FX rates published by the destination banks, the USD-destination currency cross-over rate set between 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. by DOCOMO's affiliated partner will apply.
Subscriber Type Individuals only (The user must be under the same name of the line subscriber)
Subscription Type FOMA, Xi *Applicable Billing Plans
i-mode/sp-mode Subscription Required
Compatible Handsets

Handsets compatible with i-mode or sp-mode

・Operating systems supported on sp-mode compatible handsets.

AndroidTM OS 1.6 or later

Windows Mobile 6.5 or later

iOS 7.0 or later

・Not available on BlackBerry.

Age 20 years of age or older

·Prior application (online or via postal mail) required (How to Apply).

·Applications are reviewed based on DOCOMO's predefined stipulations.

·This service cannot be re-applied during the same month it is cancelled.

·This service cannot be registered to multiple lines under the same name.

·This service is not available for a B number of 2in1 contracts or an additional number for Multi Number contracts.

·Your network PIN is required to use this service.

·If a remittance is sent for counter cash pickup, the remittance will be reversed if it is not received within 15 days.

·The restriction settings of docomo Kouza must not be enabled.

Other carrier subscriber
In case you need any assistance on these procedures, please feel free to contact us at the email provided below. We will be more than happy to support you (It may take about 3 business days (excluding year-end and New Year) for us to reply. We appreciate your understanding).

*1 The remittance limit is subject to change.

If restriction settings are enabled for docomo Kouza, docomo Money Transfer cannot be used. Pages relating to remittances cannot be accessed if the Access Restriction Service (i-mode Filter, Kids' i-mode Filter, or Web Filter) is set (except when site viewing is permitted through the Access Restriction Customizer function). Access to pages relating to remittances cannot be restricted by the sp-mode Filter Service. Please apply for service usage restriction of docomo Kouza at a docomo Shop or Information Center if you do not wish to make remittances.

*Pages relating to remittances cannot be accessed during international roaming.

Download the docomo Money Transfer operations guide/service guide.

docomo Money Transfer Operations Guide (April, 2019) (PDF format: 2,743KB)
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