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How to Deposit / Send Money



Remittances can be made from anywhere in Japan from a DOCOMO mobile phone.

*Excluding 3 to 6 a.m.

*Your registration must be completed before the remittance is made.

Download the docomo Money Transfer Operations Guide

docomo Money Transfer Operations Guide (April, 2019) (PDF format: 2,743KB)
STEP1 Open an Account [Open a docomo Kouza]STEP1 Open Account (How to Open a docomo Kouza Account)

*You only need to perform this step once and is not required from the second transaction.

Open a docomo Kouza Account

Apply by sp-modeApply by sp-mode
Access from the QR code or the following link
Visit the docomo Money Transfer Website
dメニュー   サービス一覧  もっと見る  一覧を見る  海外でつかう・海外へかける  海外へ送金される方へ(海外送金サービス:docomo Money Transfer) ログイン(ご利用はこちら)

*Network PIN required.

*When applying over a Wi-Fi or tethering connection, your d ACCOUNT and password are required.

*If a two-step authentication screen appears, a security code will be sent by SMS to your subscribed smartphone or mobile phone. Enter the security code in the two-step authentication screen.

QR code
QR code
Apply by i-modeApply by i-mode
QR code or the following link
iメニュー   メニューリスト   docomo Money Transfer

*Network PIN required.

QR code
QR code
Apply from your PC or Tablet (via Wi-Fi)
docomo Money Transferst.png

*To apply from a PC or Wi-Fi connected tablet, please login with your d ACCOUNT.

*QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

*Depending on your device, the "Network PIN" input screen may appear in a different order.

*If you have forgotten your network PIN, you will need to set a new one at a docomo Shop. The network PIN will be set after verifying of your driver's license or other forms of ID.

STEP2 Make a Deposit
STEP 2. Deposit (Deposit money into your docomo Kouza Account)STEP 2. Deposit (Deposit money into your docomo Kouza Account)

You can deposit money into your docomo Kouza Account in two ways: from a bank (Pay-easy) or from a convenience store. In order to deposit money into your docomo Kouza Account, you need to log in to your "docomo Money Transfer" in advance and issue a number to make a deposit. The number is displayed on the confirmation screen, "Final Confirmation of Deposit Amount", and is also written on the Message R sent after the procedure.

From a Bank(Pay-easy) OR From a Convenience StoreFrom a Bank(Pay-easy) OR From a Convenience Store

Deposit Money into Your docomo Kouza Account (Pay-easy)

From a Bank (Pay-easy: Mobile Banking, Online Banking & ATM)

Pay-easy is a service that lets you deposit money into your docomo Kouza Account and make other payments such as taxes and utility bills from Mobile Banking, Online Banking and ATMs. You won't have to wait in line at a bank counter or convenience store with pay-easy.

Please refer to the URL below for financial institutions that offer the Pay-easy service. (Website in Japanese only)

Deposit Money into Your docomo Kouza Account (Convenience Store)

From a Convenience Store

You can deposit money to your docomo Kouza Account by registering a deposit on the multimedia machine in a convenience store and paying at the counter.

【Convenience stores available for cash deposit to docomo Kouza】

STEP 3 Send (Transaction Request)

Make a remittance from your docomo Kouza Account directly into an overseas account or for counter cash pickup at affiliated beneficiary financial institutions.

*Required Fields
The following information are required when making a remittance.
The destination country, receiving method, destination bank, branch name of the destination bank, receiving currency, recipient's bank account no. (for bank deposits), recipient's full name, recipient's date of birth, recipient's address, relationship with recipient, amount of remittance, purpose of remittance, source of remittance funds
* The required fields may vary depending on the destination bank. Please check Destination Countries / Banks & Remittance Limits for details.

*Regarding cash pickup:
Please notify the beneficiary of the password required in order to receive the funds at a service counter of the specified financial institution. The beneficiary should present their identification documents along with the password at the counter.
In order to receive remittances at bank counters in the Philippines, the recipient must specify an intermediary. Please check the list of intermediaries in the Philippines for cash pickup.

STEP2 Deposit
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